Ronan, Montana


Small Animal Services:

Annual Wellness Exams
Annual Vaccinations
Geriatric Consultation
Small animal dentistry
Diagnostic Radiology
Routine soft tissue and orthopedic surgery
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Chemotherapy and cancer treatment
Diagnostic bloodwork both in-house and at reference laboratories including: thyroid hormone evaluation,
allergy testing, and vaccine titers
Medicated baths

Artificial insemination and fertility evaluation
Microchip ID implantation
US and International health certificates
24-hour emergency on-call services
Referal services to veterinary specialists in medicine,
surgery, and ophthalmology
Mobile service for house calls, including home euthanasia
Referal cremation for deceased pets

Large Animal Services:
These can be performed at your home or ranch or at the clinic; some services, like radiology must be performed at the clinic.

Bovine and Equine Herd Health Evaluation and Vaccination
Fertility testing and Equine artificial insemination
Diagnostic ultrasound
Pre-purchase examination
Coggins testing and Health certificates (U.S. and International)
Equine lameness exam and radiology
24-hour emergency on-call services
Diagnostic bloodwork
Equine Dentistry
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